1. tokusequence:

    [ATTACK] Dynamic Ace.

    Japanese: ダイナミックエース
    Romaji: Dainamikku Eesu

    User: Kamen Rider Accel
    Weapons required: Engine Memory, Engine Blade

    From: Kamen Rider W - Episode 20

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  2. I got one a few months back i think……anyway enjoy.


  3. konjakonjak:

    Game makers: You can have wacky worlds and ideas without the need for ’80s references and breaking the fourth wall, so that it actually remains a world of its own that’s consistent and has rules. Even if those rules are silly.

    When you use reference humour you date your creation, and you place it at a point in history. If you leave your world consistent with itself, it is only itself, separate from our world. That fourth wall helps hold up a universe worth remembering and returning to.


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    Booty update: feeling peachy 🍑


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    Gem Knights FTW!


  9. tokenduelist:

    Yes I’m still upset after this whole time. Don’t judge me.


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    Omni Heroes