1. heavywoodenbox:

    behelit is emotionally damaged now


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  3. revieloutionne:

    I feel like the quickest way to victory would be to have Dan say “Bandora defeated us!” because he is always wrong.

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  4. davidapologist:

    new sailor moon anime looks great

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  5. Little does he know u ruin his life in the near future.

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  7. droidbait:

    Gokaiger, all pink change


  8. Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger
    - Abaranger -> Goseiger

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  9. slugbox:

    The year is 2001. Frustrated by Street Fighter, and in an effort to keep a little brother from beating them, a group of white boys in JNCO jeans and that-one-black-guy-who-wears-oversized-button-up-shirts-with-anime-prints-on-them decide to unilaterally ban 98% of a party game’s content…

    …Competitive Smash Brothers is born. 


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